Welcome to the world of the sea.

A different dimension art event interwoven with light and sound has arrived in Fukuoka for the first time! !

MIRRORBOWLER, an installation art group that creates work spaces of light and shadow, will create a sea of light on the 4th floor (promenade deck) of the Kanmon Strait Museum.

What do people think when they drift aimlessly in the light of peace and return to their fresh selves?

Burn this fantastical space into your memory!

Date and time: April 1st (Monday) to June 30th (Sunday), 2024 17:30-22:00 (last entry 21:30)

Venue: Kanmon Strait Museum, 4th floor (promenade deck))

Reception: Kanmon Strait Museum, 5th floor

For details, please visit the website below.