We have an assortment of items themedaround "Mojiko Retro", Kyushu and Yamaguchi.
We are a store that is fun for both children and adults alike, with local mascot merchandises and other interesting trinkets. We also have a workshop where you can make gel candles and experience glass etching. Why not create some everlasting memory in "Mojiko Retro"?

Gel candle experience

In memory of this trip, why not create a gel candle unique to yourself?
At Mojiko Haikara Town, you can do just that.
It is very easy to make and can be enjoyed by both friends and families.
It will take 10-20 minutes to create the candle and another 40 minutes for the gel to harden. Please enjoy our store as you wait for the candle to completely harden to take home.
Please enjoy it with your family and friends! !!
*Groups are also welcome. The maximum will be 30 people per session (divided in to 2 groups)

Activity Fee
Basic set 1320yen (includes: glass bowl, 9 colours of sand, 3 marbles, seashells, a wick, and the gel for the candle);
Glasswork From 440 yen per piece (a fee will be charged for the number of pieces used)

Activity Reception Times
Weekdays 10:00-16:30 (Shops open until 20:00) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-17:30 (Shops open until 20:00)

* Please confirm your reservation by phone.

Average time of Activity
10 to 20 minutes * Approximately 40 minutes after production until the gel hardens

Kaikyo Plaza West Building, 2nd floor, Mojiko Haikara Town store

Mojiko Haikara Town
TEL: 093-322-3711
Please feel free to contact us