Mojikoi® has been approved for trademark registration by the Japan Patent Office. ``Mojiko Kamayaki Curry'' and ``Moji Koishio Parfait,'' which are suitable for the retro atmosphere of Mojiko, a port town at the northernmost tip of Kyushu, are exclusive to our store. Our original ``Kyushu vegetables✖︎Rice malt-based grilled curry'' is served in a retro pot. (Vegan and allergy friendly) A4 rank Japanese black beef roast beef from Kagoshima Prefecture is also popular. This is our proud dish, which won second place in the pirate gourmet contest sweets category. Every time we receive an order, we blend our original soy milk ice cream and Kanmon salt. I want to conquer Kitakyushu every time I come to it! I fell in love with Mojiko! We want you to feel that way, so we offer our food with all our heart, focusing on carefully selected local ingredients.